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Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome

We are a website and secret Facebook group for transgender and gender-non-conforming Jews and their Jewish allies. Our focus is building community and providing support. In order to facilitate such a space, we have community guidelines as well as some really helpful resources that explain more about the transgender experience, as well as our focus and intent with the group. Our community guidelines are heavily adapted from The Facebook Transgender Alliance. We graciously thank them for allowing us to borrow from their very well crafted guidelines.





A note about the guidelines, privacy, safety, and resources:

All members are expected to follow the guidelines. New members are expected to have read them before admission.

This is a closed group. That means that other people can see that you are a member, but cannot see what you post in the group unless they are also a member. All members are screened before admission. We will discuss setting the group to secret at a later date when membership is higher.

If you receive any inappropriate messages from someone you suspect is another member of the group, please screen-cap said messages and send them to one of the admins! We want this group to be safe just as much as you do and turning in one creep keeps them from harassing half a dozen other folks before we find out about them.

We are happy to provide a number of resources for those in the Jewish trans community. If you know of any that we do not have listed please let us know so we can vet them and add them as appropriate.


Please use the menu at the top of the page to check out our site and welcome to the home for Trans Jews!


Your lovely admins, Jack Kelly (they/them) and Davina Bookbinder (she/her).

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